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Tips & Advice: Sell used car tyres

Car tyres should be replaced every year, especially if they are already showing signs of wear. In such cases, a growing group of buyers is not only interested in new tyres and rims, but also increasingly in a used alternative. The advantages are obvious: with a little patience you can get high quality summer, winter and all-season tyres at bargain prices. Thus the buyer saves money without renouncing security. Because who would like to spend already every few years up to 300,00? for new tires? Invest the saved money nevertheless rather in other car parts and accessories.

For you as commercial or private salesman completely new sales chances result here on With only few Klicks you can advertise your offers free of charge, present and contact potenzielle buyers promptly by E-Mail or telephone. Unlike well-known online auction houses, no fees reduce your profit. But what should you pay attention to when selling used car tyres online? How can you accurately assess the quality of the best used tires los angeles? And how do you set the right prices? We have summarised all the important information on the subject of “selling used car tyres” in this guide for you.

The condition of a used tyre – tread depth and visible damage

When buying used car tyres, interested parties must be able to trust that you provide truthful information about the condition, for example the tread depth and visible damage. Even if trust is the basis of every trade, the purchase of your used tyre naturally has a direct influence on the safety of the buyer. Honest sellers can be sure that interested parties will recommend you to others. So take a close look at your used tyres.

You should pay attention to the following points in your description:

Write whether the tyres are summer, winter or all-season tyres. You should also state the model name and brand name.
If possible, include a receipt in your ad confirming the date of purchase.
Not necessary, but helpful for the buyer: mileage of tyres.
Measure the tread depth. The following applies: The lower the tread depth, the more worn the used tyre is. This in turn has a direct effect on the remaining service life. The legislator recommends a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. In many shops you can buy measuring tools for small money.

Search used tyres for holes, cracks or other damage. Even if you can repair holes, a broken tyre is usually unsaleable or very difficult to find.
Describe possible damages or the condition of the tires exactly. With good counter-arguments you can play down deficits, e.g. by saying that the damage is not really noticeable.
In any case, mention the special features of the tyres in order to stand out from other advertisements.

Picture Profile of a car tyre

The depth of the tread and the condition of the tyres determine the selling price.
Important terms for the product description. Potential buyers want to know exactly whether the car tyre fits their car at all. That’s why you have to give them all the important information in your ad. The exact data of the tyre is usually on the side of the tyre. You should include the sequence of numbers and letters exactly in your ad (e.g. 205/55 R 91 H). The following terms are included:

Tyre width: Is given in millimetres.
Cross section: Indicated as a percentage of the tyre width (tyre width/cross section) and describes the relationship between tyre height and width. The letters behind describe the design of the tyres, e.g. R for radial.
Load capacity index: Information on the maximum permissible load per tyre (index value stands for load in kilograms).
Speed index: Maximum permissible speed (km/h), e.g. H for 210 km/h.
If you want to sell your car tires with the right rims, you should also give details. A combination of numbers and letters is usually stamped into the rim (e.g. 7.5J x 16H2 ET35). We explain important terms for the determination of rims:

Rim width: Information in inches, which gives information about the width of the rim, also called rim width. Behind this is a letter describing the rim flange design (usually J for passenger car).
Rim diameter: Indication in inches of the diameter of the rim, measured from another rim shoulder.
Humpaus version: Designation in the form of a letter (usually with H), which gives information about the design and the rim shape. “Hump” stands for “hump”, which provides stiffness in the rim construction.
Offset (ET): Indication in millimetres of the deviation between the centre of the wheel and the inner contact surfaces of the wheel disc on the wheel hub. If the ET does not fit the vehicle, the tyres are worn off on one side.
Bolt circle: The diameter (in mm) of the circle on which the centres of the bolt holes lie. The value is usually punched into the rim.
The number of holes: Number of holes to which the rim is attached.
Picture rim with the model designation
More detailed information about dimensions and properties are stamped on the rims.
Find the right price
In order to get your used tyres to the man or woman as quickly as possible, you should choose a suitable price when you create your advertisement. You can determine this price if you inform yourself about the current market situation. The points mentioned above naturally play a decisive role here. However, you can also orient yourself roughly on the profile depth: If the profile is abraded by about 50%, you should also reduce the original purchase price by 50%. You can also choose between a fixed price and a basis for negotiation.

Another tip for commercial sellers: workshops often offer used tyres at very favourable conditions. Buy and here on market – the perfect way to increase your profit.

Add pictures to advertisements

In addition to a detailed description of the condition of your used tyres, you should also attach some pictures from different perspectives. Often interested buyers cannot afford to visit used car tires themselves. The distance between buyer and seller can also be a hurdle. Therefore, you should rely on pictures in front of an illuminated background in as good a quality as possible. However, the pictures should not speak for themselves, but be supplemented by meaningful and informative explanations.

Before you take the pictures, you should of course clean the tyres carefully and maintain them with a silicone spray. This way you look like new and make a better impression on potential buyers. You can easily clean rims with a rim cleaner and make them shine.

When to sell
Picture Set car tires for sale
The car tires should be cleaned for the pictures and shown from all sides.
As with other products, car tyres are subject to certain times of the year when they are in high demand. Therefore, the chance is higher that you can quickly turn your car tires into cash. Winter tyres are bought particularly eagerly between mid-September and mid-February. This is the time when many motorists notice that the old winter tyres can no longer be driven on safely. Summer tyres, on the other hand, are more likely to be bought from February to September, i.e. during the months when they are needed. By the way, the right fields for the tyres are in demand all year round.

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We wish you every success!


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